The PARI-Systems GmbH stands for the development and distribution of modern process technology to optimize EPS production.


Through several years of research into different ways of EPS-conditioning, we have managed to develop an innovative and efficient solutionfor the manufacturing process.


We call it the [PARI-System]


The [PARI-System] 

[PARI-System] is the abbreviation for the individual functions of the system: pentane analysis, reduction and information system.


The [PARI-System] gives the user the possibility to influence and control the EPS manufacturing process and to optimize it at the same time.


The system collects the necessary data andapplies them to optimize the individual needs and goals of production and the product properties.


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Currently, three installations are in live operation. These are systems with 1.200m³ silo volume and 10 measuring points, or about 700 m³ silo volume and 7 measuring points.


Additional, a fully equipped mobile test site is assembled and ready to deliver our customer the required insights for his machine settings. 


Convince yourself of our reference projects and contact us.


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We offer you a 5 to 10 day on-site trial of the [PARI-System]. Available for all different kinds of silos.


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For further information, please contact us.